And Then I Saw It

One day I was on the way to the movies and Then I saw a majestic kung fu bucket fighting an evil kung fu giraffe that wants to take over the world with its minions.  The bucket successfully took down the giraffe and sent him to the maximum prison called the raft that is surrounded by water. 7 months later… bang!!. Kung fu bucket got word that Kung fu giraffe has escaped the raft, turns out one of the guards gave the kung fu giraffe a plasma rifle to blow a hole in the wall. To never be seen again.

My 100 word challenge.

*splat* *splat* As I walk across mud through the tree’s. A river “should i” i think to myself. *splash* As I jump to find out the river is the most shallow thing ever. My dog jumps in after me finding its shallow plus more muddy. When i get out i realise my top and gumboots are gone and worse i just spotted a bear. “What to do” I say to myself, do I approach it and fight back or do I stand my ground and make lots of noises or run. I decided to approach it and fight back. Finally.

3 things im excited about

1. Teacher only day because the students like myself don't have to come to school.
2. treat day because we don't do much work. 3.  lunch time because we get to eat.

10 things that make me happy

1. animals. i love animals because they are cute and fluffy i have 1 dog 3 cats and 11 goldfish. 2. video games. video game are fun i play game like call of duty and grand theft auto five. 3. food. Some foods i like are steak, pork, bacon, lollies, roast's, pancake's, cookies, chocolate etc. 4. tv. one of my favourite tv shows are spongebob, adventure time, family guy, the simpsons, and american dad. 5. family. i love my family with most of my heart and also love my pets. 6. internet. i use the internet to play games and watch youtube. 7. word search. i find these really easy to complete.  8. friends. my friends make me laugh and i have some friends from year 2 at ois as well. 9. lego. lego is fun to play with buy some lego now. 10. my pets. my dog fergus is a pitty cross mastiff, and he looks like a cookie and jumps like a kangaroo.